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WMD (World of Mass Development) is a new platform for games creation from the award-winning developer Slightly Mad Studios that allows:

  1. Developers to submit ideas to an active gaming community, raise the funds needed to develop them, get continual feedback from community team members that can play work-in-progress builds, use the WMD Portal to promote their project, get help from other developers, and ultimately launch their game to an eagerly-awaiting audience
  2. Players to browse available projects and join any they are interested in, download and play regular builds of the game, participate in discussion & polls, speak directly to the developers, and eventually earn money back for their contribution when the game is released

WMD is therefore a unique prospect for both developers looking to raise funds for their projects and gamers that want to get involved in exciting upcoming titles.


"Ever wanted to know what goes into creating a game?"

"Ever wondered what decisions get made and by who?"

"Ever thought how you could have contributed if you’d been involved?"

Well now you can!

Become a Team Member in whatever project(s) you like and you’ll be given access to its development forum. Here, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the devs, see the game as it’s being made, and vote on key decisions. Becoming a Team Member therefore gives you unprecedented access to truly influence the direction of a game you love!

Simply browse any of the games currently in development and choose from those which you would like to join. To join, you simply purchase a Tool Pack that allows you the following levels of interaction…

Can CREATE NEW project-specific forum threads
Can PM developers
GAIN a dedicated sub-forum
Can ATTEND meetings
Can play ALL builds
Can access Game Scripts
MANAGER Can CREATE NEW project-specific forum threads
Can PM developers
Can ATTEND meetings
Can play BI-WEEKLY builds
Can access Game Scripts
SENIOR Can CREATE NEW project-specific forum threads
Can WATCH meetings live
Can play WEEKLY builds
Can CREATE NEW project-specific forum threads
Can READ meeting minutes
Can play WEEKLY builds
Can CREATE NEW project-specific forum threads
Can READ meeting minutes
Can play WEEKLY builds
JUNIOR Can REPLY to project-specific forum threads
Can READ meeting minutes
Can play MONTHLY builds

If you find you want to interact more with a specific project, you can simply upgrade your membership for the price difference between the new role and your current one.


Depending on which Tool Pack you currently own, each project then also offers Perks which act as rewards for your contribution. Examples may include:
  • Having your face put in the game
  • Getting an opponent or character named after you
  • VIP access to events
See a particular Project Perk that you want? Simply upgrade to a higher Tool Pack to get it!

For an example of Perks being used in a live project, check out the table here that lists the Tools & Perks for Project CARS.


For the price of the minimum Tool Pack therefore, you'll be able to see the game being made, speak directly to the developers, and play a new version of the game each month.

Then, when the game is released you'll potentially money back based on its success and your position in the company.

Interested? Check out the first project to be launched through the WMD Portal - Project CARS - and see how you can get involved!


When developing with WMD, funding is provided by the community. By joining your project they then become active participants in influencing the game’s direction and content.

After all, what better way to develop for your target audience than to have them giving feedback and input on it from the very beginning?


Traditional development puts developers at the mercy of publishers. Although it supplies the necessary funds to develop games with proper QA testing and development cycles, it also makes the development cycle subject to business matters such as financial quarters, company profits and marketing budgets.

The process offered by WMD therefore shifts the focus back to creating great games that your audience wants to play, whilst still offering the chance to get proper funding for development and testing.

Not only does this offer a unique opportunity for developers, but it shifts power back into the hands of the gamer. No longer will your core audience complain about features that didn’t function quite how they envisaged - now they can feed this information back to you early on so that they can be refined, balanced, and quality tested by the time of release.


WMD community members join your project through the WMD Portal and the purchase of ‘Tool Packs’. This is all handled safely by us, without the need for you to set up any complicated banking systems.

Tool Packs therefore both fund your project and give your new Team Members a voice with which to contribute to the development of the game.

This exchange of ideas is then mediated through the use of dedicated forums that easily facilitate communication between yourselves and the community members onboard your project, and also allows reports & documents to be shared and feedback polls to be created (the higher the Tool Pack they own, the more their vote is weighted).


The WMD Portal also offers the ability to liaise with other experienced developers on your project since documentation and pipelines will be openly available.

Ultimately, once your project is released you will earn back 30% of all profit (with the remainder going to your Team Members)

Are you an established AAA team with a game concept to pitch to our members then? Have a demo or GDO & schedule? Tell us about your project and submit a proposal right now!


An amazing concept! Where do I join?! 🙂

R. Meerts


“WMD transforms the way games are created. By connecting the creators with the players rather than the publishers, traditional overheads and a focus on release windows/financial quarters/marketing etc… shifts back to concentrating on making great games that people want to play whilst still getting proper QA and funding.”

Ian Bell, Head of Studio, Slightly Mad Studios

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