2 Years Of Project CARS – How Far We’ve Come

Time flies by! Just one year ago, we celebrated Project CARS’ first anniversary and if, for some reason, you have been living under a rock since then, here’s a brief recap of what you just might have missed in the meantime.

Since the last anniversary, more than 250 builds have been released by our tireless staff as all aspects of the title are in constant development. Since we launched Car Physics Focus Testing, all builds are available to all our members with Team Member level and above.

Among the most important changes during the past year is the move to Valve’s Steam platform that will not just enrich Project CARS with plenty of great multiplayer features but also makes obtaining the development builds for our members even easier and more comfortable.

Earlier this year, several high-profile partners have joined the Project as Mercedes Benz, RUF & Oreca have joined the ever-growing list of licensed manufacturers while we have joined forces with Panasonic to push 4k resolution gaming with Project CARS.

We also had a very significant addition to our team as Nicolas Hamilton has become part of WMD as the second real-life motorsports ace acting as Handling Consultant. Both Nicolas and former Stig Ben Collins provide extensive handling feedback blogs and join our community in testing the latest physics changes during our Car Physic Focus Testing.

Speaking of our busy members, they have done their fair share of work as well, going far beyond “just” providing endless feedback and bug reports. Our skilled members have made over 100.000 screenshots, many of which have been made popular in our Community Galleries. The video makers were no less busy as Youtube now boasts almost 80.000 Project CARS gameplay videos & trailers.

The creation of screenshots & videos is far from the only way our members contribute to the project as talented painters have provide a large selection of the liveries that will be included in the final title. Going even further in helping shape the title’s content, two of the prototype race cars currently in development have been designed by two of our talented members, the winning design was chosen in a community-wide vote.

On the coding side, our members are busy as well as the popular pCARS-rank is purely a community creation, as are the many big and small apps using the Project CARS API that was introduced earlier this year.

To celebrate Project CARS’ second anniversary and experience how far we have come for yourself , check out a new video trailer made by our member hybrid.art below.

The trailer has been recorded in breathtaking 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, allowing you to check out all the big & small details that make Project CARS the most intense racing experience to ever hit the virtual world.

Project CARS is coming to PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U in 2014. Check www.wmdportal.com regularly for news, screenshots, and trailers.

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