An Ariel Atom Mugen for Christmas!

Slightly Mad Studios have released the final development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title before the holidays, making sure that WMD team members have an adrenaline-packed festive season.

The new build introduces a brand new car as the Ariel Atom Mugen is now available to be pushed to the test.

While Project CARS members have already been enjoying the regular Ariel Atom for a few weeks, the ultra-rare Mugen version is an even more powerful driving machine.

Powered by a Mugen-tuned Honda iVTEC Type-R engine putting out 270hp, the car also comes with a special Mugen paint scheme and rims to set it apart from the competition.

The new build is now available for download for all WMD members with Team Member status and above. For a one-time membership fee of 25€, Team Members get to follow the development of Project CARS up close and get to enjoy weekly development builds of the title.

So if you’re a Team Member already, simply download the latest build via our download page, and if you aren’t yet, join us and become a Team Member to play games as they’re created, contribute to their development, and talk with the devs!

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