BAC Mono To Be Featured In Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios are delighted to announce the latest licensing addition in Project CARS: the stunning BAC Mono.

WMD members will be the first to experience a virtual version of the award-winning Mono; a spectacular, ultra high performance, road-legal sports vehicle.

Designed by brothers Neill & Ian Briggs of the Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), the Mono is aimed at drivers seeking a purist driving experience by offering the latest racing technology wrapped in an aggressive design.

Unlike other lightweight sport vehicles that offer a passenger seat, the BAC Mono takes the quest for driving pleasure to a new level, following the design philosophy of open-wheelers by placing the driver and engine in the middle of the car for the best possible balance.

The car comes with advanced, racing-inspired aerodynamics, the sleek form allowing for clean airflow to the car’s radiators and engine. Designed to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible, the Mono offers supercar levels of top speed while delivering handling precision and balance stability that complement the outstanding levels of mechanical grip on offer.

Despite the sophisticated aerodynamics however, BAC did manage to include a small trunk at the front into which a helmet fits perfectly. Aside from this one allusion to practicality, every detail of the BAC Mono is performance-led, including a fully-adjustable pushrod suspension with damping elements from SACHS Racing, AP Racing brakes with 295mm ventilated discs and a FIA compliant steel safety cell and rollover structure.

The Mono is powered by a 2.3 litre four-cylinder Cosworth engine – providing 280bhp at 7700rpm – which is mated to a F3-spec Hewland six-speed sequential gearbox. Weighing in at a mere 540 kilograms, the car sprints from 0-60 miles in a mind-blowing 2.8 seconds; reaching a top speed of 170mph.

The BAC Mono’s on-track performance has led to widespread critical acclaim as the car was recently voted Autocar‘s Track Day Car of the Year and awarded Stig’s Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine. With such high accolades, it makes a perfect addition to the line-up of vehicles available in Project CARS, and engineers from both companies will work closely together to make sure that the in-game version matches the performance and handling of the real car as closely as possible.

It’s not just the chance to drive the Mono on offer though. Project CARS will also feature a virtual version of the one-make Mono series that is due to be launched in 2013.

The BAC Mono will be available to Project CARS members later this year. Join WMD and become a team member to be among the first lucky racers that get to experience this spectacular car in the virtual world!

“‘Project CARS’ really appealed to us when we heard the vision behind the game. It shares the same ethos as Mono, in that it is designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. When you combine talent with passion for the subject, you can produce fantastic results.”

Neill Briggs, Director BAC Ltd.

“Attention to detail is at the heart of Mono’s design and engineering. ‘Project CARS’ physics model and graphics are incredibly accurate and we are really looking forward to experiencing the car in the virtual world.”

Ian Briggs, Director BAC Ltd.

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