Catch Project CARS On GameTrailers.com

A brand new trailer of Slightly Mad Studios has just hit GameTrailers.com, allowing one of the biggest audiences in gaming to experience the glory of Project CARS.

The action-packed trailer was made by WMD member JonZ and shows off plenty of racing action with the current development builds of Project CARS, it was created with a true community effort in the spirit of World of Mass Development.

A few weeks ago, we`ve asked our community members to create a Project CARS video trailer and lots of users submitted stunning clips that showed off the wide variety of cars & tracks already available in current builds of Project CARS.

After that, all of our members got to vote for their favorite clips and JonZ’s work proved to be the overwhelming favorite among our members. Why? Find our yourself and watch below!

Make sure to check out the Project CARS page at GameTrailers.com as well, there will be a lot more coming to GT in the future.

All cars and tracks seen in the video trailer are ready to be raced in the current development builds of Project CARS but as you can see, membership at WMD is much more than just testing new versions of the game.

Each member gets access to our busy development forum where they can keep in touch with our development team and get involved in key decisions regarding the title’s development.

So don’t wait any longer, Join WMD now and become a member to get involved in the revolution of simulation racing.

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