April Fools: First Project CARS Xbox 720 Sneak Preview

Our development team has been very busy working on the console version of Project CARS recently and today, we`re proud to give you an exclusive little sneak preview.

Below are several previews of the next-gen console version, showing Project CARS running on a brand new platform.

Despite the early development stage that will still require some optimization (regarding aspects such as memory usage), the next-gen console version already looks almost as pretty as the PC version, running at smooth 60fps and featuring stunning looking details as you can check out yourself below.

Keep in mind that these exclusive previews show an early pre-alpha version of Project CARS, we`ve decided to release them as a little goodie for our members that patiently wait for the console version of Project CARS while PC users can already enjoy regular development builds.

April Fools! Unfortunately, we can’t show previews of the console version just yet, the shots you can see below show untouched footage of the latest Project CARS development build though!

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