Five New Tracks Now Available in Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, giving all members with Team Member status and above lots of new content to enjoy.

Build 169 introduces no less than five new tracks, adding to the 11 venues previously available in Project CARS.

The five new tracks offer something for everyone as members get to enjoy a wide variety of circuits.

Fans of modern race tracks will love the Badenring, a German Grand Prix-style venue that offer a lot of challenging corners. If you like it more old school, the historic layout of the Badenring will be your thing, featuring long straights for slipstream battles that are interrupted by three braking chicanes.

Historic racing nuts will also be getting their fix with Rouen, a narrow French high-speed circuit. But that’s not all, the new build also features Derby, a British racing circuit and Wisconsin, a prime road racing facility located in the United States.

The new build offers much more than these new tracks though, including:

  • New versions of various cars & tracks
  • Improved AI
  • Major changes to vastly improve graphics performance
  • Input & FFB improvements
  • & much more…

You want to experience all these new tracks today? Then join WMD and become a Team Member to start racing within minutes!

Team Membership on Project CARS is available for a one-time payment of 25€, entitling members to a fresh build of Project CARS every Friday. For more info on membership levels, perks & system requirements, please check out the Project CARS info page.

Membership isn’t just about weekly builds though as all members get access to our busy development forums where they can follow the development of Project CARS up close, talk to our developers and contribute to the development.

So don’t wait any longer, join WMD today and experience the future of racing simulations yourself! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed and follow Project CARS & Slightly Mad Studios on Twitter.

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