Gittin Jr. Joins Project CARS Time Attack Efforts

Here’s your chance to come watch a legend in action. World Champion drifting legend Vaughn Gittin, Jr, who drives his own creation—and one of the most iconic cars in all of motor-sports, a 900hp Ford Mustang RTR in the US-based Formula Drift Championship—will get behind the wheel of the Airtec Project CARS Ford Fiesta at Croft Motor Circuit this weekend, and you’re invited to come watch the fun.

Sharing the title of the winningest driver in the history of the Formula D series, Vaughn will bring the unique style that has captivated a generation of fans in Formula D to England this weekend—and apply them to the front-wheel drive Airtec Project CARS Ford Fiesta at Croft Motor Circuit.

“I’m very excited to come to the UK and step out of my comfort zone of high-powered rear-wheel drive Ford Mustangs and jump behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta ST to compete in time attack at Croft,” Vaughn said as he prepares for his debut in the UK Time Attack series.

​“I’ve been getting used to front wheel drive vehicle dynamics as well as getting my spacial awareness dialed-in for the big adjustment of right hand drive by racing in the amazing Project CARS game. Success to me will be keeping it straight, not reaching for the handbrake at corner entry and leaving with a huge smile on my face, this is going to be fun!”

Vaughn’s Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Racing Mustang has become so iconic that it led to him becoming the ‘face’ of the Ford Mustang brand in 2009 when he was invited to unveil the 2010 Mustang to the world by drifting it on live TV. Vaughn’s style—foot-flat, smoke-inducing, hyper-driving mayhem—is as unmistakable as the sound of his 900hp Mustang. But allied to his wild, spectator-friendly style is a multi-championship winner in the US and abroad, and he is the only American to have won the D1 Grand Prix—twice. Ford’s Octane Academy featured Vaughn as one of their drivers, alongside Ken Block, and Tanner Foust.

If you haven’t seen Vaughn in action, now’s the time. And to whet your appetite, watch him in all his glory here:

Introduced in in 2006, the UK Time Attack Championship has grown into the largest and most professional Time Attack event in the world. Originating on the race tracks of Japan, Time Attack has risen to become one of the most significant and engaging motorsport phenomenons of our time. Captivating audiences and inspiring an entire generation of petrol heads from around the globe to set about nailing down the quickest lap on a given day, Time Attack defines the art of purposeful car modification by crowning aftermarket tuning champions and embracing the complete spectrum of tuning levels from a part-time racer to full blown record smashing circuit monsters.

The Airtec Project CARS Ford Fiesta is excited to welcome Vaughn Gittin, Jr. to the Time Attack series. Whatever happens, fun is guaranteed, so come on out and support ‘our man’ Vaughn at Croft, for Round 5 of the Time Attack Championship, this Sunday, August 21.

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