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This week in Project CARS eSports, it was all about the latest battles in the ESL Go4 Cup Series. These are weekly eSports competitions that are open to all sim-racers on all three Project CARS platforms—PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Every Sunday, familiar faces from the world of hardcore sim-racing battle it out against challengers in GT3 class action across a series of sprint races. The prize? A €150 prize pool every weekend.

From newbies to elite drivers from major teams such as Team Shark, SDL Motorsport, eSPORTS+CARS, the competition is always tight, and the racing always hard.

To spice things up, drivers are invited each week to vote for the track of their choice. This weekend, the action moved to the Nürburgring GP circuit. As expected, the thrills were aplenty—as you’ll see from this week’s action reel from the PS4 races.

PlayStation 4

For much of 2016, the ESL Cups on PS4 have been dominated by the French driver, DriverR1, of the rapidly growing eSPORTS+CARS team. For once, though, things didn’t go to plan. Much of DriverR1’s dominance this year has come from his unerring ability to hit the front early and control the pace, but this weekend he could qualify only fourth in what turned out to be a really strong field. Making things ever tougher for DriverR1 was that the three cars ahead all belonged to the SRT Elite team—YooDa on pole, followed by ChucKno33, and SpideR.

Things only got worse from there for DriverR1 when he fell behind dofrer27, another SRT driver, early on, before TX3’s Neqzo took advantage of the battle ahead of him to nudge Driver R1 down into P6. DriverR1, though, showed his speed and tenacity as he fought back, battling his way up to fourth. At the front, meanwhile, SpideR won the battle of the SRT teammates to take the top step of an all-SRT podium which featured ChucKno33 in second, and YooDa in a fine third.

Xbox One

In this week’s Xbox One Cup, it was an all-SDL Motorsport show, as Ginetta Cup champion, M power, kept his mojo alive with yet another ESL victory. He was followed home by teammate Rossi46. It was nearly an all-SDL podium too, but TX3’s Room just managed to stay ahead of Alpine to prevent an SDL lockout. It must have been a sweet moment for Room, who was coming back from the disappointment of just missing out on a podium finish in the Ginetta Cup.

It’s good to see teams like TX3 finding some extra performance in Project CARS eSports on Xbox One. SDL Motorsport has been an unstoppable force on this platform for much of 2016, so some extra competition will help to spice things up, and inspire SDL and others to keep pushing on if they want to stay at the top.


Over in the PC tournament, this year’s epic battle between the SDL and BAM teams shows no sign of slowing down. These giants of the sim-racing world have been pushing each other hard throughout the year, and this week’s ESL Project CARS PC Cup was no exception. Victory eventually went to Logitech G Series Champion Mangator from SDL, while BAM’s Nova found himself the meat in an SDL sandwich, finishing between Mangator and SDL’s Daytona in third.

There were some familiar names throughout the rest of the PC Top 10. The likes of cotkawa, Croug, aurelien_65, and others all put in solid performances. However, if they want to upset the order at the business-end of the pack, they’ll need to step up their game for next week’s Cups.

Join the action in the next ESL Cups

If you’d like to test your skills against the very best in Project CARS, visit the ESL website to register for the next Go4 Cups, taking place this Sunday—and every Sunday—at 6pm GMT. There’s a new ESL Cup every weekend, and each race, on all three platforms, has €150 in cash prizes up for grabs.

You can also vote for the circuit you’d like to race. Visit the ESL forums after you’ve signed-up to have your say.

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