New Project CARS Weather Previews

It’s time to show off some stunning new Project CARS screenshots as our busy development team has made Project CARS’ weather & time of day engine even more awesome!

Newly-added features to the fully-dynamic weather engine include rain droplets, riplets and godrays, creating stunningly-beautiful weather conditions as you can check out in the new gallery below!

Players shouldn’t take too much time to admire the beautiful conditions though as the fully dynamic weather & time of day engine will keep drivers on their toes as Project CARS simulates every condition mother nature throws at real race drivers out on track.

From day to night, from sunshine to torrential rain and everything in between, players will be able to prove themselves in a variety of conditions, requiring not only skillful driving but also the right pit strategy decisions to make it to the checkered flag.

Needless to say, all features the weather engine offers are available on every single one of the 60+ tracks that are part of Project CARS.

As with all previews of Project CARS, the screenshots above have been made by our busy World of Mass Development members, showing purely in-game footage from the latest development builds.

Project CARS will be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, WiiU & PC, starting November 2014.

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