Nicolas Hamilton visits Slightly Mad Studios!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming race driver and long-time sim racer Nicolas Hamilton to the Slightly Mad studio!

Nicolas grew up with his brother Lewis playing on our previous highly-acclaimed GTR and GTR2 titles and has been an active member of the WMD community since November last year giving us valuable feedback and suggestions since joining (WMD members can check out Nic’s thread right here).

Eager to get more hands-on with our Project CARS title and having always wanted to make a video game, Nicolas joined us for an informative and entertaining afternoon at our studio near Tower Bridge, London.

During his time with us we discussed his time in the Renault Clio UK Cup, his current participation in the European Touring Car Cup, and how his experience on the track translates directly into the game.

We covered a wide variety of topics; everything from driver hand animations and kart physics, to the color of particular rumble strips and the position of the toilets in the pit garages 😉

  • Driver hand animations when at full lock
  • Kart visual and physics inaccuracies
  • Handling when on astroturf
  • Tire temperatures during a Time Trial session
  • Freedom vs Realism in tuning setups
  • Atmosphere during different sessions (eg.. marshals, crowd, pit box life)
  • Tires – degradation, debris pickup, effect on handling
  • Driving School
  • Aquaplaning in the wet
  • Wind
  • Accuracy of some tracks

WMD members can get a full breakdown of the discussion here. Check back for behind-the-scenes video too!

With the continual and valuable feedback we’ve been getting from the WMD community (that have been playing the game for the last year and a half already) and real-life insight from actual race drivers, the stage is set for Project CARS to be the most authentic, realistic, beautiful, and accessible racing game of the next generation!

Project CARS is coming to PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U in 2014. Check www.wmdportal.com regularly for news, screenshots, and trailers.

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