Project CARS App Spotlight: pCARS Dash

Project CARS offers a vast majority of live telemetry that is available to you when you’re out on track. Wondering how your much further your fuel load will carry you, or how your tyre pressures are doing? It’s all available for you to see and analyze. Problem is, it can sometimes be a little difficult to ingest all that information while battling for the win.

This is where Pocket Playground’s ‘pCARS Dash’ app steps in, allowing you to use a handheld device or second screen for telemetry data playback, meaning your main racing screen remains clutter-free.

The app doesn’t stop at telemetry though; the ‘pCARS Dash’ is also able to display vast quantities of raw data and information. Need a timing screen to keep track of your competitors? You got it. Or how about a track-map to see precisely on which part of the track your competitors are currently running? Done. The ‘pCARS Dash’ app offers you all the race-critical data you need for success.

The ‘pCARS Dash’ works by breaking down all required information into two easy-to-read screens—Vehicle Status, and Race Page. Vehicle Status keeps you up-to-date on how your car is doing, displaying key telemetry data such as tyre temperatures and pressures, as well as engine and brake temperatures. The Race Page, meanwhile, is your ideal companion for racing success, always presenting the information most important to you during a race, including a detailed fuel breakdown to plan your pit strategy, as well as real-time gaps to the cars racing both in front, and behind you.

Those who want to dive even deeper into the world of telemetry, meanwhile, can use the real-time vehicle sensor graph readouts, and channel their inner race engineer.

Furthermore, the app also comes with a HUD view, breaking down the most essential information—such as your position, lap times, and gaps—in a large and easy to read design that is ideal for devices with smaller screen sizes.

On top of all the functionality, ‘pCARS Dash’ is highly flexible, and available on all platforms that run Project CARS, as well as on all major ’phone platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Thanks to Project CARS’ UPD streaming functionality, setting up ‘pCARS Dash’ is a breeze as well, requiring you only to install the application on your desired device, and making sure both your device and your PC/Console use the same WiFi network. And that’s it—you’re ready to start racing like a pro’!

The ‘pCARS Dash’ app is available by following this link.

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