Project CARS Driver Feedback Compilation Available

For the past few years, Project CARS Handling Consultants Ben Collins & Nicolas Hamilton have provided detailed feedback reports in the World of Mass Development forums to help fine-tune the cars’ handling characteristics.

Now, just in time for Christmas, we have decided to share the real-drivers’ input with everyone by releasing a document that contains all their feedback reports from more than two years of development.

The document you can download below allows everyone to catch up on all the physics feedback reports from the two Handling Consultants as well as the subsequent replies from Slightly Mad Studios’ vehicle dynamic engineers.

The document starts in November 2012, a crucial month for the development of Project CARS’s physics model as implementation of Project CARS’ revolutionary SETA tire model was kicked off that month.

All the feedback is unfiltered & unedited as it was posted inside the WMD forums, giving you the chance to get some unique insight even if you don’t happen to be among the lucky having access to the World of Mass Development forums.

Download Project CARS Driver Feedback Compilation Here

Project CARS will be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One  & PC, starting mid-May.

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