Project CARS Races To The Top!

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS title has raced to the top of the British video games charts following its Europe & Australia release on Friday, becoming the first-ever Playstation 4 racing title to top the sales charts in the UK!

Developed by the studio’s revolutionary World of Mass Development portal, Project CARS is now available for purchase on Steam and in many regions of the world, with the United States release to follow tomorrow!

Project CARS Features

  • The largest track roster of any recent racing game with 110+ unique locations
  • A wide variety of motorsports including GT, Touring, Le Mans Prototypes, Karts, and modern Open Wheel and 80+ cars available at launch
  • Dynamic weather, pit stops, and pit strategy creation
  • Dynamic time of day and endurance races including the Le Mans 24H
  • World-class graphics running at 60 fps with up to 45 drivers onscreen
  • Next-gen physics running at 600 fps and deep telemetry & tuning features
  • Competitive multiplayer for up to 16 players and the ability to create public, private and friend-based lobbies with ‘Join In Progress’
  • Asynchronous Time Trial with downloadable ghosts
  • Regularly-scheduled community events
  • Social connectivity with photo and replay modes powered by The Driver Network
  • Support for 30+ wheels, community apps, and virtual reality via Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus
  • Continual updates and further content after launch

The Reviews Are In…

Gaming journalists around the world have reviewed Project CARS and they’re unanimous in their praise for Project CARS the WMD-powered title is leaving the competition in the dust!

Project CARS currently has a 85 Metascore on Metacritic, find a sample of the countless of enthusiastic reviews below:

There’s little point in building suspense: is Project Cars as good as, or better, than Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport? That’s the question most of us have been waiting to have answered…Put simply: yes, it’s at least their equal.

The Telegraph

Project CARS is undoubtedly the new reference in racing games, Forza and Gran Turismo are left behind and we can’t wait for their reaction now.


Beautiful, bold and varied. Slightly Mad are uncompromising in their simulation. It’s crystal clear that Slightly Mad knows what its hardcore audience wants, and I’m really happy that it stuck to its guns in order to deliver it

PC Gamer – 83 of 100

Project CARS offers more than authentic phyiscs & adjustability, its mix of graphics, physics & scope of content create an experience that’s unsurprassed in its genre. Hats off to Slightly Mad Studios and a big “Thank you” from the community!

Netzwelt – 9 of 10

Deep and demanding but incredibly user-friendly, Project CARS looks great, sounds fantastic, and feels even better. The action is ferocious and tactical, the weather effects are awesome, and it’s brimming with content to explore. This is real racing done right.

IGN – 8.9 of 10

Project CARS is now available on Steam, boxed copies are available here.

For more on Project CARS, make sure to check out the Project CARS website and the Project CARS Facebook page regularly!

Also, check out Driver Network highlights taken by the community on Flickr and YouTube

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