Project CARS Raises More Than €1.000.000

Back in October 2011, World of Mass Development was launched and now, just seven months later, we`re delighted to announce that Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS has raised over one million Euro in Community funding, bringing the total funding to 2.5 million.

To celebrate with everyone, we`ve released a new community-made Project CARS video trailer on GameTrailers.com, allowing everyone to experience the brilliance of WMD’s first ever project.

Since the launch in October, the development builds of Project CARS have been massively expanded as the title already features more than 20 different cars and 25 tracks, including licensed content from prestigious and innovative manufacturers such as Pagani, Briggs Automotive Company, Ariel Motor Company and Caterham.

It’s not too late to join the project yet, interested gamers can still join and become part of the revolution in simulation racing right here on WMD.

Using different tool packs, members can follow the development of Project CARS in the busy WMD forum as every step of the development is transparently visible, giving members the chance to communicate with the development staff, voice their opinion and vote on key decisions regarding the title’s development.

Aside from unprecedented access to the development team, members also get to enjoy regular development builds depending on their membership level, from monthly builds for Junior members to daily builds for members with Senior Manager status.

Membership is available for as little as 10€, please visit the project page for more info on all the perks & benefits involved.

To show everyone what exactly you`re signing up for, the newest community-made video trailer created by our talented members Kri21 & Seba can be found below.

The trailer shows purely in-game footage of the current development builds, click here to visit Project CARS on GameTrailers.com for even more video footage.

To join WMD and get busy racing the newest version of Project CARS today, simply follow these three easy steps:

1. Register on the WMD Forums
2. Choose a Toolpack to become a member (starting at 10€ for Junior Membership)
3. Download the new Project CARS build on the downloads page

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed and follow Project CARS & Slightly Mad Studios on Twitter.

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