Simulations Are Beautiful!

When it comes to driving games, some people think they have to choose between pretty graphics and a real-life driving experience but it’s time to think again!

Slightly Mad Studios WMD-powered Project CARS proves that stunning graphics and no-compromise physics simulation can go hand in hand as you can check out in the gallery below.

These stunning screenshots have been made by some of our most talented team members, all cars and tracks pictured are instantly available to drive in the latest development build of Project CARS.

Project CARS offers plenty of tools to create stunning images like these yourself, including a free-roam camera that gives screenshot & video artists unlimited freedom to express their creativity.

Why wait any longer? Join WMD and become a member and you´ll be driving these beautiful machines in no time. Aside from the development builds, members also get to enjoy close up access to the development of Project CARS and interact with the developers in our forum.

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