Slightly Mad Studios: A Top 100 UK Developer

Slightly Mad Studios has once again been honored in the Develop 100 – a list of the top 100 UK-based developers.

Available in the App Store and through the browser, the first 2013 edition of the Develop 100 features a list of the top 100 developers in the UK based on their commercial and critical success, reputation, and potential.

We have also listed a comprehensive guide of over 500 game development businesses in the UK, from one man microstudios to the biggest triple-A firms in the country.

What’s more, both the browser and iPad edition of the Develop 100 UK Studio Hot List are completely free.
The UK’s top studios feature in our 100, which includes Rockstar North, Jagex, Creative Assembly, Traveller’s Tales and NaturalMotion Games.

New studios and small indies are also recognised, such as 22Cans, Dlala, Lift London, Mike Bithell, Tom Francis and Positech Games.

Click here to download the app now, if you haven’t already got it.

Alternatively view it in your browser here.

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