“The World’s Most Beautiful Racing Game”

Back in 2011, Eurogamer Denmark were one of the first media outlets to take a close look at Project CARS as the revolutionary WMD portal was launched.

More than a year later, the Danish magazine has returned for a new preview article to check out the evolution Project CARS has undergone in the meantime.

Focusing on the improvements made in all areas of the game thanks to our busy development team and the thousands of WMD members that help test and improve Project CARS every single day, the article is full of praise for the direction the title is heading to.

“Since the first alpha build was shown in 2011 Project CARS has undergone a furious development, there are too many graphical improvements to list them all”.

The work of our busy physics team, helped by our two real-life racing aces Ben Collins & Nicolas Hamilton, has also not gone unnoticed:

“But no racing game is better than the few square centimeters where the rubber meets the asphalt. Project CARS calls it the SETA tire model and even though we can’t explain how it works, it’s safe to say that the resulting realism is in a class above all other driving simulators.”

If you speak Danish, make sure to check out the full article on Eurogamer.dk, a version of the article can also be found on EkstraBladet, Denmark’s largest newspaper.

Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in late 2013. Until then, keep checking back for much more stunning previews in the months to come.

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