Waiting For The Dark – New Project CARS Video Trailer

The WMD Community is an almost endless resource of creativity and here’s the newest example as WMD member PLM5 has created a stunning new Project CARS video trailer, entitled “Waiting for the Dark”.

The epic four-minute trailer comes with music from Slightly Mad Studios’ own Stephen Baysted to aid PLM5’s editing for a perfect blend of sights and sounds.

The trailer shows off the wide range of features Project CARS already offers despite being in pre-alpha stage, including a large selection of cars and tracks, a fully dynamic time of day & weather system, advanced physics developed with the help & input from two professional race car drivers and much more!

The footage seen in the trailer has been captured in real time from the current development builds of Project CARS that are available to WMD members to test and improve.

A large selection of the car liveries seen in the video have been painted by our busy members as well as custom liveries are one of the countless ways in which WMD members can contribute to Project CARS.


Project CARS is coming to the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U in 2014. Until then, keep checking back for much more stunning video trailers & previews in the months to come.

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