Watch BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Here

With the release of the ‘Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Featuring Chris Goodwin’ film this week, Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley, and Physics R&D Lead Andrew “AJ” Weber recall the one pivotal moment that altered the trajectory of handling and feel in Project CARS 2.

The day when Casey and AJ, along with Pirelli’s Vitale Maffezzini, and McLaren’s Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Mattia Saluzzo convened to work alongside McLaren’s legendary chief test-driver Chris Goodwin will go down as a pivotal moment in the development of Project CARS 2.

The story begins in the early spring of 2017, on March 20. After two years’ worth of co-development with McLaren, Chris Goodwin, McLaren’s chief test-driver, had already signed-off on the handling and feel of all the McLarens in Project CARS 2. All, that is, except for “his” new car, the 720S that will come to Project CARS 2 in late 2017.

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