Watch The Dynamic Clouds in Project CARS

Project CARS’ fully dynamic time of day & weather system is getting more advanced with every new build as our busy development team keeps on packing amazing features into the system.

We now invite you to check out the newest one in motion, as dynamic clouds have been added to the most recent development build of Project CARS.

Our talented WMD team member Ben Buja made the time lapse video you can watch below, showing the dynamic clouds in motion at Connecticut Hill in a full day & night cycle.

As with everything regarding the time of day & weather system, the clouds are completely dynamic, affecting the shadows & lighting of the environment, creating a stunningly realistic driving atmosphere.

Project CARS members can now experience a first pass of the new feature in the current build as the system will be much more refined in the weeks to come. But beware, don’t get too distracted by the eye candy in the sky and make sure to keep an eye on the road!

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