WMD Blasts Off!

If you’re reading this, that means the WMD Portal is now OPEN so don’t waste any time; join the community right now! Already a member? Log in to the forums over here!

WMD (World of Mass Development) is a new platform for games creation from the award-winning developer Slightly Mad Studios and allows:

  • Developers to submit ideas to an active gaming community, raise the funds needed to develop them, get continual feedback from community team members that can play work-in-progress builds, use the WMD Portal to promote their project, get help from other developers, and ultimately launch their game to an eagerly-awaiting audience
  • Players to browse available projects and join any they are interested in, download and play regular builds of the game, participate in discussion & polls, speak directly to the developers, and eventually earn money back for their contribution when the game is released

WMD is therefore a unique prospect for both developers looking to raise funds for their projects and gamers that want to get involved in exciting upcoming titles.

Find out more, download the Press Release, read the Overview, and discover how WMD is transforming the way games are created over here.

Welcome to the future!

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