Project CARS App Spotlight: Hud Dash

At first glance, ‘HUD Dash’ appears to be a regular second-screen app allowing Android device users to convert their hand-held hardware into a data dashboard utilizing Project CARS’ UDP data streaming.

However, Sebastian Barz’s ‘HUD Dash’ app comes with a twist: It offers a deeply-customizable experience which enables drivers and engineers to create custom second-screen dashboards that, rather than being confined to pre-designed layouts and data-entries, is instead based around their own unique requirements.

Using customizable widgets, drivers can put together their preferred dashboard that displays only the type of data they consider relevant whilst racing: You want a screen that focuses solely on your lap times and gap to competitors, or do you need to monitor your engine and tyre temperatures during setup testing? All it takes to ensure ‘HUD Dash’ is displaying the type of data you need—and nothing more—is a few clicks on the app’s simple drag-and-drop interface, and you’re up and running.

‘HUD Dash’ works on almost all Android devices, from phones to tablets, and with all versions of Project CARS: Whether you’re racing on console or PC, simply connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as Project CARS, and the UDP streaming will take care of the rest.

A key for the full Project CARS version of ‘HUD Dash’ is available for €7.25. This allows drivers an unlimited set of layouts and widgets. Sebastian, however, offers a free, limited-functionality version of the ‘HUD Dash’ which allows drivers a single layout with three widgets for their evaluation.

More information about the ‘HUD Dash’ is available here.

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